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20L COOLER BOX(Water Jug)

  • 435*435*415mm
  • 20L
  • 20L
  • 4.9kg
  • High-Performance Cooler,Could Design under the customers’ need,using rotational molding process, durable, not afraid of collision.
  • 1.40FT Could load 640pcs
    2.40HQ Could load 840 pcs

Product Description

Product Details:

20L COOLER BOX is a wonderful High-performance Roto-molded Cooler keep ice for more than 48 hours and features heavy-duty, seamless, one-piece construction that is virtually unbreakable and built to last. 

It is very practical in everyday life,Applicable to:

1. Entertainment: bar, KTV, coffee shop.

2.Outdoor leisure places: gardens, parks, swimming pools, beaches, tourist attractions, public squares.

3.Exhibition venues: press conferences, shopping malls, hotels, wedding ,party.





Product Feature:

1.Cold resistant and heat-resistant.

2.Durable: Having good impact resistanceIt’s not easy to break up when hit and health to use.

3.SeamlessSeamless is one of the most important consideration When you are choosing the Cooler Box. Excellent Seamless is the necessary condition for storaging food.

4.Inviroment Protected: Adopting the LLDPE material, non-toxic and tasteless, UV resistent and not easy to fade.

5.PE thckness: 2.5mm, High strength, good thoughness and long service life.


Product Advantage:

1.No power supply, with high heat insulation, constant temperature effect of the mobile thermal insulation box.

2.good impact resistance, not afraid of lost touch, and the long-term storage of ice.

3. It is very practical in everyday life.

4.The bottom is equipped with rubber anti slip wheel, which is non-toxic, tasteless, UV resistant and easy to discolor. It is easy to clean and has good insulation effect. It can be used for life.


Design Philosophy:

1. High tech environmental protection materials, through food grade certification.

2. It is easy to clean.

3. The structure design of the cover protruding platform can prevent the dust accumulation surface and easy to clean.

4. The unique sealing structure and high quality silicone sealing strip are designed, and the heat preservation effect is good.


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